Is Coaching Right For You?

Coaching draws out the best in a person, helping them to improve their ability to perform and focus on today’s goals with a clear view of an on-purpose future. Professionally and confidentially our coaches help you think through challenges, overcome life setbacks, solve problems, and create new opportunities that move you closer to your life ideal. Here are some of the areas where a coach can be of great importance to the balance of your life:

Coaching brings focus to the choices that move you toward your ideal future.

  • Career Development
  • Relationship Enhancements
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Life Balance
  • Decision Making
  • Completion of Assignments
  • Identifying Plans of Action
  • Education
  • Brainstorming
  • Accountability
  • Behavioral Change
  • Clarification of Values
  • Setting & Achieving Goals
  • Examining Lifestyles
  • Lifestyle Management

Our Services

  • Personal Development

    Is your Life - Career in transition? Do you have a thirst to find purpose, lasting relationships and self worth - but feel it's impossible to obtain? Surrounded by life's clutter and struggle to find order and balance? With Coach Maggie at your side, she will guide you through the challenges and opportunities, on your journey to self discovery. Find out how Life or Personal Coaching will bring balance and satisfaction to your life.

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  • Health & Wellness

    Are you feeling as if your life is taking a nose dive? Carrying around some extra pounds and physically exhausted? Needing to quit that bad habit or finding some stress relief? Unlike the nutritionist or physical trainer, our Certified Health Coaches will mentor you in making positive choices in your life, that will ultimately transform your lifestyle - moving you toward your best health possible.

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  • Leadership Development

    Are you losing touch with your team; feeling your message is not being heard or productivity is below par? Coach Maggie will help guide you beyond the norm, focusing on maximizing your potential, growth, transformation... even exploring the unknowns. With the development skills in her tool belt; she will help you to make things happen again and take back control.

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  • Webinars & Workshops

    Unleash the power of Genius - In the right setting, when two or more are gathered together for a common purpose, unexpected break-through takes place. Whether you enjoy the convenience of an online Webinar, Video Conference Call or prefer to attend a local Workshop, we offer them frequently throughout the year.

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Need a Speaker?

Looking to promote a healthier “Work-Life Balance” within your business and organization? Do you need a facilitator for your upcoming retreat or conference?

Coach Maggie – Motivational Speaker – has a way with words.

Your guests will leave feeling refreshed, renewed, re-energized, plus entertained. Personalization is key, which is why she develops a custom presentation to cater to your audience’s needs. Or, provide her with your event’s theme and she will deliver a successful topic with many aha-moments.

To book Coach Maggie, contact or call at 863-603-9048


These blogs will inform you on how to juggle the busy corporate life and your personal betterment. They will take a step back and ask you to focus on what you bring to the table, besides the 9 to 5, as owner, leader, and/or worker.

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Meet Our Team

A unique blend of Personality, Talent, Culture and Heart -- All Focused on YOU!

Coach Maggie Sabatier-Smith

Maggie Sabatier Smith
Coach – Speaker – Trainer

Mavian Arocha-Rowe 
Strategic Partner

Paul Sabatier-Smith
Coach – Speaker – Trainer

Deb Long
Strategic Partner

Beagle Bailey 
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What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • To say I highly recommend Maggie would be a huge understatement. If you are at a crossroads in your life, or going after the dream, you can't afford NOT to have her on your side.

    Scott, Atlanta GA
  • - You are very sincere in your intentions and a wonderful force for you and those around you :). Your call has really encouraged me to get back to health and being well! Also to see the blessings that come each day. Mind, body and spirit are intertwined in your coaching!

    Kathy C.
  • Since coaching with Maggie, I've made more this year in 8 months, than I did each year at my old job that I hated.

  • I expected only coaching on communication skills using generalized techniques...She probed my thoughts to reveal to me, how I would accomplish my goals. It is difficult to put a dollar amount on the value she brought, but it is multiple times the fee she charged!

    Harrell’s, Lakeland FL